Sunday, 23 December 2012

Country Or Culture Task 2.

The aim of this second task was to help develop our understanding of the design process and how creativity needs a starting point for all make up artists. We had to create a look which was inspired by a country or  a culture. This was not an actual assessment, just a task set by our tutor to see how well we did in the development stages. We had to do Initial ideas, a spider diagram, a mood board and 2/3 make up charts to show experimentation with different ideas.

The theme i chose was Indian Culture and from there i had to narrow it down and pick a specific thing which i could take something from to incorporate into a make up look. I wanted to do something based around the idea of a wedding but not a typical bridal look so i narrowed it down again to one of the main features of a wedding which is the food. The main attraction to Indian food is the spices so i decided to take the vibrant colours from the spices and use this to create my look, I also wanted to incorporate something to do with the bride so added a henna design to the face.

The image below shows my final mood board and face chart…

Below are the final images of the look i created from my chosen idea. Overall i was happy with the out come but as i had a slight lack of time i didn’t add the henna design down the side of the face, i was pleased with the way the make up turned out so didn’t want to risk rushing the henna design and ruining the whole thing completely and will try do the designs separately at a later date. I chose this particular scarf for my model to wear as its  very vibrant yet simple so it doesn’t draw away from the make up but makes the face the main focus and it helps to tie the whole colour theme together.

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