Sunday, 23 December 2012

Design Task One.

For our first task on the course we were told to design a make up look that would express our creativity using whatever products we liked, accompanied by a face chart explaining the process and the colours used. Shown below are images of the face chart and the final make up.

The inspiration for this make up came from a face chart i designed a while ago using the paper doyley, i really like the effect it creates so i incorporated this effect into my work down the sides of the eyes as i wanted the eyes to be the main focus with the rest of the face being kept simple. I decided i would stick to just one colour, that being gold, so i know it would be something i could execute well and show my skills properly rather than try do something really out there at the risk of it really going wrong.
I added gold lips to the look as i wanted to keep it all the same colour scheme but still have a big impact although when i did the final look it didn’t quite have the impact i wanted so i think f i was to recreate this look i would probably stick to a nude lip to keep all the focus on the eyes.
Full product list:
  • Mac studio tech NC37
  • Sleek molten metal eyeshadow duo as an eye base
  • Urban Decay Get baked eyeshadow palette
  • Sleek sunset eyeshadow palette
  • Girls aloud cheryl festival lashes

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