Sunday, 23 December 2012

Matte Make-Up.

The next base we worked on was matte make up which is completely flawless finish created by using a full coverage foundation and using colour correction to hide all blemishes and imperfections. This type of base can be used in a wide variety of areas such as television, theatre, bridal and fashion make up as it gives a complete flawless blank face which then can be turned into whatever make up is needed for the occasion.

I started by completely cleansing the models face ensuring all the make up she was wearing before was fully removed and then used a matte primer allover the face to take away the  shine and to give the foundation more staying power.

I then applied mac studio tech foundation allover the face, it gives a good full matte coverage making it perfect for this kind of base. I applied concealer next incorporating colour theory to cover any redness, dark circles, or blemishes, once happy i had the coverage i wanted i applied a loose powder all over the face to set the foundation in place.

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