Sunday, 23 December 2012

Natural Make-Up.

To create a good finished make up it is important to have the right base for the look you wish to create. The make up i have done here is a natural base where it looks as real as it possible with all flaws and imperfections covered.

To create this base i first had to completely remove all make up from my models skin using eye make up remover, cleanser, toner and moisturiser, i used products for sensitive skin which are fragrance & paraben as i wouldn’t want to risk using anything that my model could react to which could cause redness to the skin.

The purpose of fully cleansing the face is to help achieve that fresh natural look, if the make up was applied on top something the model may already have on her face you would not get the same outcome.

The next step was to apply a primer allover the face , this helps hold the make up and give it more durability, it can be used instead of or after moisturiser. Using a Mac face & body foundation in C1 i applied this using a foundation brush until i had a light coverage all over the face. I like Face & body foundation as it can give a very light to medium coverage depending on how much you apply and leaves the skin with a nice dewy finish.

I then covered any redness, blemishes or imperfections using concealer and ensurin it was all blended in well then to set the foundation on the face i gave it a light dusting with a powder, this is to help stop movement but i didn’t want to apply too much powder as this would make the face look more matte and less natural.

This type of natural make up is best used for things like beauty/skincare advertisements when the model needs to look as if she has flawless skin and is wearing very little or no make up at all.

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