Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stitched Up Wound.

A couple of weeks ago in our special effects class our tutor showed us how to create a wax laceration with latex skin cut which would be cut open with scissors and stitches added. we made this using morticians wax, latex, needle & thread, dark red wound filler, congealed blood and wound filler. The first image shown below is the finished result of what our tutor showed us in the demonstration.

I started by getting a piece of morticians wax about 3-4 inches and applied this onto the skin, to blend it i held it down with one thumb and smoothed the edges down with the other, it is important to spend time to blending in properly so it sits on the skin better.
Next taking a torn sponge i stippled on about 5-6 layers of latex on top of the wax, using a hairdryer to dry  each layer in between for speed, the purpose of adding latex is to help hold the wax down and it also gives something to put the stitches into as  they would just pull through the wax. Once all the layers were done i powdered the latex, this is to stop it sticking to itself once cut open.
I then got a small pair of nail scissors and cut down the middle of the wax and the latex leaving a small amount of wax at each end then in places i opened up the wound a little more using a wooden cocktail stick.
I added some dark red bruise gel into and around the edges of the wound.
Taking a needle and thread i carefully fed it through a piece at a time ensuring i didn’t catch my models skin and not pulling the thread through too hard so it didn’t rip through the latex, i also left enough at each side to create a knot.
I tied up all the loose bits of string in a double knot not pulling too hard so it didn’t rip though the latex, i then finished off by adding congealed blood and wound filler. Below is the image of my completed stitched up wound. This type of wound is best applied to parts of the body which dont have a great deal of movement like the arm or face as the movement will cause the latex to lift and come away from the skin.

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  1. Omg that is amazing!