Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thumb Laceration.

I always find myself rather fascinated wit anything to do with blood and gore so naturally love the Friday special effects class, a couple of weeks ago our tutor showed us a very quick not as easy as he makes it look thumb laceration using derma wax and bruise gel. Below is a photograph of what my tutor did...

The next two photographs below are of my attempt and personally i dont think it came out too bad for a first attempt. The derma wax is self adhesive meaning it sticks to the skin without the use of any other products but this also mean it is very sticky and a bit messy too. It is best scraped out of the tub using the back of your thumb nail and once its applied you need to work fast as the warmer it gets the stickier it becomes and It is best applied to boney areas of skin where there is less movement.

I found smoothing down the edges of the wax to blend it in with my own skin a bit tricky as the more i touched it the more it lifted back up with my own finger so my tutor let me borrow his metal sculpting tool which made it a lot easier, with it being metal it does not alter the temperature of the wax. I then carved the injury into the wax using a wooden toothpick then filled it in with dark red bruise gel, congealed blood and some wound filler.

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