Friday, 25 January 2013

Illamasqua Demonstration.

On Wednesday 23rd we were lucky enough to have the lovely and very talented Mika from Illamasqua come to my college for a talk about the industry, Illamasqua as a company and to give us a make up demonstration. 
He was incredibly lovely and really down to earth and answered any questions that any of us had about Illamasqua products or about the industry working as a make up artist. He also talked about how we should experiment with the products in our kits to utilise them as best as we can, for example you shouldn't just see an eyeshadow as an eyeshadow and more as a pot of colour which can have multiple uses. 
He then went onto explain how understanding the different uses for the products in your kit can then lead onto you being able to minimise what you carry around with you or take along to any work but still be prepared for whatever may get thrown your way.
 Ive experimented with different products this way on a small scale in the past but this talk helped me get a better understanding of what i can really do with my kit, it has also inspired me to really play around with different products and get a better understanding of it all, even though i feel fairly confident using the products i have at the moment theres always room to learn more and grow as an artist.
He brought a selection of Illamasqua make up a long with him which he used in the demonstration, showing us how versatile products really can be and encouraging us not to be afraid of using colour. Personally the use of colour isnt something i feel i have an issue with when it comes to my work but this demo really gave me new ways to think about the ways in which i apply it and where i apply it on the face as the possibilities really are endless.

 Luckily i arrived at the demo in good time meaning i had a great spot at the front of the room and managed to get some great pictures of his brilliant make up look, he did mention it wasn't a look he had pre planned but did have a slight idea of what he wanted to do and it was great to see it all come together in front of us. He also used some of the products we have in our Illamasqua college kits and other items which are available in the sale which i thought was brilliant. Im very glad i went a long to this demonstration as its always good to get some fresh inspiration and advice from other individuals working in the industry. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Kit Storage - Lipstick Palettes.

Kit storage is important for any make up artist to consider as you don't really want to be carrying around too much of anything you dont need, lipsticks are a good example of this, its always best to have a good range of colours in your kit but rummaging through lots of different lipsticks to find the colour you need isn't the best way to go about things. 
Depotting products is something thats been done for years so i wont ramble on too much about it i just thought id share the methods i use to store various bits and pieces in my college make up kit :) 
Two main things to consider are the type of palette you want to store your lipsticks in and what method you choose to depot them with but thats just all a matter of personal choice.
Below is a palette i found in Home Bargains for the lovely price of just £1.99!
It comes with 15 little compartments which are plenty deep enough to fit a whole crushed lipstick in and with it being transparent there is no need to faff around opening it to see what colours are inside.
I chose to crush my lipsticks into this palette by scooping it all out with a metal spatula and crushing it with the flat end of it, this is a messy process and there can be a lot of waste if your not careful with it, but i do prefer the way they look to when they are melted .I already own a Japonesque palette which i chose to melt a few lipsticks from my collection wasn't the best idea i've ever had as the hot lipstick just melted away the plastic on certain parts.
The two fastenings on the front just click shut and feel very secure so i don't have to worry about it coming open inside my case.
To keep track of what lipstick is where i stuck the labels from the lipstick tube to the bottom of the palette with a little bit of tape making it easy to replace once its all used up and as the labels are on the bottom it keeps them out of sight and stopping the palette from looking messy.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Illamasqua Haul Part 1.

Its that lovely time of the year when i can enjoy some almost guilt free shopping...Sale time!
Illamasqua are currently having a sale on their website with a variety of products priced at £5, £10 and £20. I initially decided to be good and only treat myself to a few products from the £5 section which ill talk about in the rest of this post, but when my parcel arrived i was a tad disappointed id not got more so i did which is why this is part one and part two will hopefully be coming next week.
I don't own a lot of Illamasqua products and i'm always weary of purchasing products i don't know a great deal about but i was rather fascinated by the colour of this liquid metal 'Stoic', it's such a gorgeous shade of teal so i just had to have it!!
When swatched i was a little disappointed, it wasn't as in your face as i expected but i have not had a proper play around with this yet so im hoping its not a complete let down.
Below are swatches of the two precision inks i got from the sale, 'Havoc' and 'Alchemy', i already own Havoc and love it, its great as an every day alternative to black liquid liner and when i seen it on sale for £5 i had to have another as full price its about £17, not so cheap really! Alchemy just stood out as  something a bit different and as i know they are good quality liners i got it to add to the collection.
Now lashes are something i will buy a lot of but very rarely wear as i cant stick them on myself :/ I got myself a pair of lashes in the Illamasqua sale last year and i love them, also the glue they send with them is brilliant they really need to sell it in individual bottles!! I got myself 2 more pairs as i like to have some nice ones to hand when i do occasionally go out and get dressed up! 
As i love a good bargain i am pretty happy with my little haul and cant wait for my second package to arrive!!  

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Eye Of The Day.

Something i used to do frequently on my old blog is post images of make up i had done on myself whether it be something i am just playing about with or what i am wearing that particular day.
I thought it would be good to try carry it on with this new blog as a little something extra, i will not be doing one every day as i dont wear make up that often any more but when i do it will either be an eye of the day of a face of the day. These kinds of posts will be unrelated to the work i will be doing at college.

Below is my first eye of the day picture. I tend to sick with fairly neutral shades for more every day make up and the colours i've used here are my favourite go to eyeshadows at the moment. Below i've listed the products I've used.

  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow 'Pink Gold' as a base.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow 'Toasted' allover the lid.
  • MUA Eyeshadow 'Shade 1' as a highlight.
  • MUA Eyeshadow 'Shade 24' in the crease.
  • Illamasqua Eyeshadow 'Sex' as an under the brow highlight.
  • L'Oreal Super Liner liquid eyeliner 'Black Vinyl'
  • No7 Lash Adapt Mascara 'Black'

Friday, 4 January 2013

Fashion Make-up Assessment.

Our final practical make-up assessment of the first semester was to create a fashion make up look which would be suitable for use on a catwalk/fashion show, it also had to incorporate colour theory. 
We had to find our own model for this assessment and also had to style our models hair and dress them appropriately too. My younger sisters friend very kindly agreed to be my model so many thanks to her!!

I decided to go with a Blue-Green harmonious colour theme which i then went onto develop into a space/galaxy inspired look, its a print that is very current and popular and something i absolutely love so it just made sense for me to do. I brought the green in with the outfit and different shades/tones of blue were used for the make up, when practising the make up i tried to incorporate the green into it but i felt there was just a little too much going on so simplified it down to the final look which is shown below.

The assessment was done away from the college at Kala Sangam in Bradford where there would be a professional photographer and a small catwalk set up for us to have pictures taken of our final work which we will receive some time in January.
 Being away from the college building meant it was very important we all came very well prepared with everything we would need, i think its good to sometimes take us out of the comfort of the college studios and get us used to working in different environments.

The four images above show the final make up from all angles, these are ones i took myself once i had completed my assessment and while waiting for my turn for the photographer.
I am incredibly happy with how this turned out, it is once thing to practice this on myself and get it right as i didn't have chance to meet with my model before the assessment day i just had to hope it would go well and i can gladly say it turned out looking just as good as it did in my head. 
I thankfully didn't have any problems or issues on the day which i think came down to me being well prepared and feeling confident, there were time when i was working a little slow and didn't think i would finish on time but i managed to remain calm, focused and didn't rush anything.
I received good feedback from the tutors and compliments from other students which i was very happy and grateful as confidence is a big issue for me and overall i feel this assessment really pushed me and helped me to improve on that.
We were lucky enough to have photographs taken outside by the photographer in the grounds of Bradford cathedral, we have not received these images yet but i took a couple myself and thought i would share one on here.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette Review & Swatches.

As a Christmas treat Sleek have released a rather festive Limited Edition Sparkle 2 i-Divine eyeshadow palette, a follow on from the original sparkle palette, most definitely a must have for my ever growing collection of sleek palettes.
Below is the packaging that the palette comes in, a simple cardboard box with something related to the theme which i think gives it a little something extra. 
The palette itself is the usual black plastic design, fairly study enough and does its job. It has a mirror the size of the palette inside the lid, a decent size and it always comes in handy, It also comes with a sponge tip applicator which i have never use or normally keep but recently found that they are very good for applying make up onto face charts.

 The eyeshadows in this palette are a mix of shimmer and glitters and when i swatched these there were only 2 that i didn't really get much colour from which i was slightly disappointed about as overall i think its a very lovely palette, perfect for creating a smokey eye for an evening out. 
I somehow managed to misplace the clear plastic sheet that comes inside these palettes so unfortunately cannot list the eyeshadow names but they are swatched in the order they sit in the palette so you get the general idea of whats what.
I picked this palette up in my local Superdrug, luckily i managed to get the last one, but something ive been noticing lately in a few different Superdrug stores across most of the make up stands is that they never seem to have certain things in stock with sleek being one of the worst stocked which is very frustrating, but all of sleeks products can be purchased on their website

Dangers In The Workshop.

The theme for our special effects assessment was 'Dangers surrounding a workshop environment' we had to create a scenario with some form of injury which could be caused in a workshop at the college for the final image to be turned into an awareness poster to hopefully be displayed in the chosen workshop to show the dangers of not following correct health and safety procedures.
My scenario was a student in the fashion department using one of the irons to iron their work but not paying proper attention when using it so they end up pressing the iron down on top of their hand leaving them with a rather painful looking burn. The burn i created for this scenario is shown in the image below.
To create this type of burn i used a mix of latex, cotton wool, grease paints, bruise gels and a lubricant which makes the burn look fresh and juicy.
I struggled for a while trying to think of an idea for this assessment then came up with this one, we had a lesson the week before the assessment where i had a chance to practice my idea and get feedback with my tutor which i feel helped me greatly as on my first attempt i put the burn allover the hand at the same pressure which would only happen if the person was being burnt by somebody else. To make my burn more realistic i had to create a pressure point showing where it would be more intense and getting less severe around it.

The final assessment i feel went well, i completed the burn well within the time limit given to us and received good feedback from my tutor, the only part she wasn't happy with was the pale pink raw it was my choice of colours which caused it to look more baby pink than fleshy pink and she suggested that next time i should use a hot pink and white mix instead of a red and white but overall i was happy with the results.

Large Stage Make-up.

For our second practical assessment we had to create make up which would be suitable for use on a large stage. As the audience are sat such a distance away from the performers on stage it is important to be able to bring out and enhance their facial features so they are visible from afar, the larger the stage the more well defined the performers face will need to be.
For this assessment we had an hour and 15 minutes to complete it and bring products suitable for tying/clipping back the models hair from their face and bring something black to dress the model in for the final photograph. 

I started off by warming the face with a darker foundation as the stage lighting can drain colour from the face causing the performer to look very pale. For the next step I used shading and highlighting to sculpt and define the face using a mix of grease paints and concealers. To define and enhance the eyes I used eyeshadows similar to the ones i used on the television make up with a darker colour being used in the crease, to widen the eyes i added a line of white grease paint under the eye which i set with a white eyeshadow with a line of black liner underneath for extra definition, finishing off the eyes with black mascara on the top lashes only and a pair of natural false eyelashes. I enhanced the brows by making them a couple of shades darker than the natural brow colour and enhanced the lips with a red lipstick. 
The feedback i received from my tutor after completing this make-up was fairly positive with the main criticism being that my shading was a little too dark and not blended well enough this was down to the colour choice of the products i used, when practising this make up it was something i found i struggled with, i wasn't getting the shading dark enough and it was too well blended but when i had my model stand at a distance the issues weren't as visible as they were close up.

Another part i found i struggled with was the under eye section, when practising this i made the white line too thick and the placement and thickness of the black line wasn't right either but my tutor said this had improved greatly for my final assessment proving that the practice lessons really payed off.

Sleek PPQ Shangri-La Collection Review & swatches.

An aim for my blog is to try and keep the post varied, the majority of what i post will be my work done in lessons but i will try an include some product reviews of new make up i buy or already own.A company you will probably see a lot of on my blog is Sleek, i absolutely love their products and own a lot of the i-Divine palettes.
I purchased these two palettes while a go now, its one of sleeks more recent collections... I wasn't incredibly carried away with the matte lip glosses which were part of this collection so i just stuck with the eyeshadow palettes.

What Sleek Say..It’s the ultimate collaboration of beauty and fashion: Sleek MakeUP has teamed up with fashion house PPQ to create a limited edition collection based on a mutual love of colour, texture and vibrancy! The result is the Shangri-La collection.
Inspired by classic Motown sound, the collection has a retro vibe channelling glamorous 60’s style! Featuring two i-divines in Supreme and Respect, and two Truly Mattely Deeply Lip glosses in Soul and Jazz.
Lovely packaging for both palettes but the one thing that slightly confuses me is how the respect palette packaging gives off the impression it will be pastel type colours and it is not so that left me a tad disappointed.

From L-R: Blue Suede, R&B, Bronx Black, P-Funk, Grand Master Flash, Wah Wah White
La Belle Blue, Smokey Robinson, Al Green, Delfonic, Commodores Cream, Shangrilas Lemon.
Must say i rather love the shadow names in this palette but overall i cant say im really overly excited by it....the quality of the shadows are good with the exception of Smokey Robinson and Shangrilas Lemon not really showing up too strong when swatched on the back on my hand, there are some interesting colours in this so i will most definitely have to have a play around and see what looks i can create.

From L-R: Gladys White, James Brown, Shalamar, Count Basi Beige, Aretha Orange, Otis Red
Roberta Black, Vandellas, Cameo Cream, Motown Mink, O'jays, New Jack Pink.
Once again i love the names in this palette, its nice when a company makes the effort to add little extra touches like that. This palette i am really on the fence about as some of the shadows are beautiful and others i just kinda dont see the point of, the worst one for me being Motown Mink i just could not get any colour from this for the swatch...i even resorted to using the sponge tip applicator and still no luck ...Also not a huge fan of Gladys White or Count Basi Beige but others like James Brown, Vandellas and O'jays completely make up for that!! 

I bought both palettes from my local Superdrug but the whole collection and more can be found online at the sleek website

Television Adaptation Make-up.

As part of our Television Make-up assessment, in our own time we had to take what we had learnt from the basic television make up and create a television adaptation make up which would be more suitable for use on programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing or X-factor. For this make up we had to find our own model and also had to take into consideration the models hair and outfit ensuring its suitable for the type of show it would be used on. 
When doing my research for this make up i noticed that a lot of the women i looked at from these types of shows either had more on the eyes and less on the lips or the other way around so i thought it would be wise to carry on with this general rule.
I kept the base the same, warming the face with the foundation and using concealer to hide any blemishes or imperfections. For the eyes i added slightly darker colours than the basic tv make up, making the smokey eye darker and sexier adding a slight pinky toned eyeshadow to help enhance the green of my models eyes, i also added thicker eyeliner and a pair of false eyelashes. 
I used a matter bronzer to slightly add more warmth and contour my models face then added a pinky toned blusher to the cheeks to give a natural looking flush of colour then added a slightly darker than natural pink and plum lipstick.

Overall i am happy with the way this turned out and felt confident when doing this make up i think the only issue i had was not wanting to over do it and make it too dramatic so i maybe played it a little too safe with the make up and the costume, this is where i feel tutor feedback would have been helpful but sometimes in life you just have to trust your own ability and believe in yourself.

Basic Television Make-up.

For our first practical make up assessment we had to create a basic tv make-up suitable for roles like a television presenter/news reporter. We had 45 minutes to create the look which included hair and the outfit, when doing this type of make up there were certain things we had to take into consideration like the way the lighting in most television studios can drain colour from the skin, how the products on the face should be as matte as possible to avoid too much shine and drawing attention to the important areas of the face which are the eyes and the mouth but making sure the make up is appropriate for the type of television it is being used for.

I started by applying a matte primer all over the face, it creates a barrier between the skin and the product which stops it being soaked in by the skin causing it to last longer and by using a matte primer it takes away any shine from the face so i know any product i apply on top will stay matte.

Next i went on to apply a full coverage studio tech foundation all over the face and warmed it up with a slightly darker shade, i then added a non light reflecting concealer to cover any blemishes or imperfections, once flawlessly blended i powdered the face to set it.

I used an eye primer all over the lid, this helps to neutralise the lid and give any product applied on top more longevity and prevent the eye shadow from creasing which is a common problem with eye shadows. For the eyes it was a very basic brown smoky look to create definition, we had to incorporate colour theory into the look and as the model i used has blue eyes i went for more orange toned shades, as blue and orange are complimentary colours it draws more attention to her eyes.

I finished off the face by adding a natural colour to the lips which i created by mixing up a few different shades of lipstick avoiding making the lips look too bright or colourful.
I managed my time well for this assessment and completed the make up within the 45 minute time limit which i was happy about, the main criticism i got was about the eyeliner i had applied on the eyelid, i did struggle with it slightly and i hadn't quite got it close enough to the lash line so the gap was visible, thankfully my tutor allowed me some extra time to go back and correct it before i took my final photograph.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Copyright is defined as the exclusive legal right given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.

By Copyriting my blog and any images of my own work I choose to upload onto it this prevents other people from taking my work and passing it off as their own work. 

I can ensure I do not breach copyright on my blog by using images i have taken myself or by using images from copyright free websites rather than taking images from such as google images where the majority of them will be copyrighted.

So i can ensure my blog is copyrighted i have added a copyright which can be found at the very bottom of my home page i also intend to start adding a watermark to my photographs to prevent other people from using them.