Thursday, 3 January 2013

Basic Television Make-up.

For our first practical make up assessment we had to create a basic tv make-up suitable for roles like a television presenter/news reporter. We had 45 minutes to create the look which included hair and the outfit, when doing this type of make up there were certain things we had to take into consideration like the way the lighting in most television studios can drain colour from the skin, how the products on the face should be as matte as possible to avoid too much shine and drawing attention to the important areas of the face which are the eyes and the mouth but making sure the make up is appropriate for the type of television it is being used for.

I started by applying a matte primer all over the face, it creates a barrier between the skin and the product which stops it being soaked in by the skin causing it to last longer and by using a matte primer it takes away any shine from the face so i know any product i apply on top will stay matte.

Next i went on to apply a full coverage studio tech foundation all over the face and warmed it up with a slightly darker shade, i then added a non light reflecting concealer to cover any blemishes or imperfections, once flawlessly blended i powdered the face to set it.

I used an eye primer all over the lid, this helps to neutralise the lid and give any product applied on top more longevity and prevent the eye shadow from creasing which is a common problem with eye shadows. For the eyes it was a very basic brown smoky look to create definition, we had to incorporate colour theory into the look and as the model i used has blue eyes i went for more orange toned shades, as blue and orange are complimentary colours it draws more attention to her eyes.

I finished off the face by adding a natural colour to the lips which i created by mixing up a few different shades of lipstick avoiding making the lips look too bright or colourful.
I managed my time well for this assessment and completed the make up within the 45 minute time limit which i was happy about, the main criticism i got was about the eyeliner i had applied on the eyelid, i did struggle with it slightly and i hadn't quite got it close enough to the lash line so the gap was visible, thankfully my tutor allowed me some extra time to go back and correct it before i took my final photograph.

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