Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dangers In The Workshop.

The theme for our special effects assessment was 'Dangers surrounding a workshop environment' we had to create a scenario with some form of injury which could be caused in a workshop at the college for the final image to be turned into an awareness poster to hopefully be displayed in the chosen workshop to show the dangers of not following correct health and safety procedures.
My scenario was a student in the fashion department using one of the irons to iron their work but not paying proper attention when using it so they end up pressing the iron down on top of their hand leaving them with a rather painful looking burn. The burn i created for this scenario is shown in the image below.
To create this type of burn i used a mix of latex, cotton wool, grease paints, bruise gels and a lubricant which makes the burn look fresh and juicy.
I struggled for a while trying to think of an idea for this assessment then came up with this one, we had a lesson the week before the assessment where i had a chance to practice my idea and get feedback with my tutor which i feel helped me greatly as on my first attempt i put the burn allover the hand at the same pressure which would only happen if the person was being burnt by somebody else. To make my burn more realistic i had to create a pressure point showing where it would be more intense and getting less severe around it.

The final assessment i feel went well, i completed the burn well within the time limit given to us and received good feedback from my tutor, the only part she wasn't happy with was the pale pink raw it was my choice of colours which caused it to look more baby pink than fleshy pink and she suggested that next time i should use a hot pink and white mix instead of a red and white but overall i was happy with the results.

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