Friday, 4 January 2013

Fashion Make-up Assessment.

Our final practical make-up assessment of the first semester was to create a fashion make up look which would be suitable for use on a catwalk/fashion show, it also had to incorporate colour theory. 
We had to find our own model for this assessment and also had to style our models hair and dress them appropriately too. My younger sisters friend very kindly agreed to be my model so many thanks to her!!

I decided to go with a Blue-Green harmonious colour theme which i then went onto develop into a space/galaxy inspired look, its a print that is very current and popular and something i absolutely love so it just made sense for me to do. I brought the green in with the outfit and different shades/tones of blue were used for the make up, when practising the make up i tried to incorporate the green into it but i felt there was just a little too much going on so simplified it down to the final look which is shown below.

The assessment was done away from the college at Kala Sangam in Bradford where there would be a professional photographer and a small catwalk set up for us to have pictures taken of our final work which we will receive some time in January.
 Being away from the college building meant it was very important we all came very well prepared with everything we would need, i think its good to sometimes take us out of the comfort of the college studios and get us used to working in different environments.

The four images above show the final make up from all angles, these are ones i took myself once i had completed my assessment and while waiting for my turn for the photographer.
I am incredibly happy with how this turned out, it is once thing to practice this on myself and get it right as i didn't have chance to meet with my model before the assessment day i just had to hope it would go well and i can gladly say it turned out looking just as good as it did in my head. 
I thankfully didn't have any problems or issues on the day which i think came down to me being well prepared and feeling confident, there were time when i was working a little slow and didn't think i would finish on time but i managed to remain calm, focused and didn't rush anything.
I received good feedback from the tutors and compliments from other students which i was very happy and grateful as confidence is a big issue for me and overall i feel this assessment really pushed me and helped me to improve on that.
We were lucky enough to have photographs taken outside by the photographer in the grounds of Bradford cathedral, we have not received these images yet but i took a couple myself and thought i would share one on here.

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  1. I mean, it's not really the look I'd personally be looking for from a blog, but it's stunning in it's own right. Going out on a whim here and going to follow your blog. Sometimes you have to go after something you're not used to! xx