Friday, 25 January 2013

Illamasqua Demonstration.

On Wednesday 23rd we were lucky enough to have the lovely and very talented Mika from Illamasqua come to my college for a talk about the industry, Illamasqua as a company and to give us a make up demonstration. 
He was incredibly lovely and really down to earth and answered any questions that any of us had about Illamasqua products or about the industry working as a make up artist. He also talked about how we should experiment with the products in our kits to utilise them as best as we can, for example you shouldn't just see an eyeshadow as an eyeshadow and more as a pot of colour which can have multiple uses. 
He then went onto explain how understanding the different uses for the products in your kit can then lead onto you being able to minimise what you carry around with you or take along to any work but still be prepared for whatever may get thrown your way.
 Ive experimented with different products this way on a small scale in the past but this talk helped me get a better understanding of what i can really do with my kit, it has also inspired me to really play around with different products and get a better understanding of it all, even though i feel fairly confident using the products i have at the moment theres always room to learn more and grow as an artist.
He brought a selection of Illamasqua make up a long with him which he used in the demonstration, showing us how versatile products really can be and encouraging us not to be afraid of using colour. Personally the use of colour isnt something i feel i have an issue with when it comes to my work but this demo really gave me new ways to think about the ways in which i apply it and where i apply it on the face as the possibilities really are endless.

 Luckily i arrived at the demo in good time meaning i had a great spot at the front of the room and managed to get some great pictures of his brilliant make up look, he did mention it wasn't a look he had pre planned but did have a slight idea of what he wanted to do and it was great to see it all come together in front of us. He also used some of the products we have in our Illamasqua college kits and other items which are available in the sale which i thought was brilliant. Im very glad i went a long to this demonstration as its always good to get some fresh inspiration and advice from other individuals working in the industry. 

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