Monday, 21 January 2013

Kit Storage - Lipstick Palettes.

Kit storage is important for any make up artist to consider as you don't really want to be carrying around too much of anything you dont need, lipsticks are a good example of this, its always best to have a good range of colours in your kit but rummaging through lots of different lipsticks to find the colour you need isn't the best way to go about things. 
Depotting products is something thats been done for years so i wont ramble on too much about it i just thought id share the methods i use to store various bits and pieces in my college make up kit :) 
Two main things to consider are the type of palette you want to store your lipsticks in and what method you choose to depot them with but thats just all a matter of personal choice.
Below is a palette i found in Home Bargains for the lovely price of just £1.99!
It comes with 15 little compartments which are plenty deep enough to fit a whole crushed lipstick in and with it being transparent there is no need to faff around opening it to see what colours are inside.
I chose to crush my lipsticks into this palette by scooping it all out with a metal spatula and crushing it with the flat end of it, this is a messy process and there can be a lot of waste if your not careful with it, but i do prefer the way they look to when they are melted .I already own a Japonesque palette which i chose to melt a few lipsticks from my collection wasn't the best idea i've ever had as the hot lipstick just melted away the plastic on certain parts.
The two fastenings on the front just click shut and feel very secure so i don't have to worry about it coming open inside my case.
To keep track of what lipstick is where i stuck the labels from the lipstick tube to the bottom of the palette with a little bit of tape making it easy to replace once its all used up and as the labels are on the bottom it keeps them out of sight and stopping the palette from looking messy.

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