Thursday, 3 January 2013

Large Stage Make-up.

For our second practical assessment we had to create make up which would be suitable for use on a large stage. As the audience are sat such a distance away from the performers on stage it is important to be able to bring out and enhance their facial features so they are visible from afar, the larger the stage the more well defined the performers face will need to be.
For this assessment we had an hour and 15 minutes to complete it and bring products suitable for tying/clipping back the models hair from their face and bring something black to dress the model in for the final photograph. 

I started off by warming the face with a darker foundation as the stage lighting can drain colour from the face causing the performer to look very pale. For the next step I used shading and highlighting to sculpt and define the face using a mix of grease paints and concealers. To define and enhance the eyes I used eyeshadows similar to the ones i used on the television make up with a darker colour being used in the crease, to widen the eyes i added a line of white grease paint under the eye which i set with a white eyeshadow with a line of black liner underneath for extra definition, finishing off the eyes with black mascara on the top lashes only and a pair of natural false eyelashes. I enhanced the brows by making them a couple of shades darker than the natural brow colour and enhanced the lips with a red lipstick. 
The feedback i received from my tutor after completing this make-up was fairly positive with the main criticism being that my shading was a little too dark and not blended well enough this was down to the colour choice of the products i used, when practising this make up it was something i found i struggled with, i wasn't getting the shading dark enough and it was too well blended but when i had my model stand at a distance the issues weren't as visible as they were close up.

Another part i found i struggled with was the under eye section, when practising this i made the white line too thick and the placement and thickness of the black line wasn't right either but my tutor said this had improved greatly for my final assessment proving that the practice lessons really payed off.

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