Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette Review & Swatches.

As a Christmas treat Sleek have released a rather festive Limited Edition Sparkle 2 i-Divine eyeshadow palette, a follow on from the original sparkle palette, most definitely a must have for my ever growing collection of sleek palettes.
Below is the packaging that the palette comes in, a simple cardboard box with something related to the theme which i think gives it a little something extra. 
The palette itself is the usual black plastic design, fairly study enough and does its job. It has a mirror the size of the palette inside the lid, a decent size and it always comes in handy, It also comes with a sponge tip applicator which i have never use or normally keep but recently found that they are very good for applying make up onto face charts.

 The eyeshadows in this palette are a mix of shimmer and glitters and when i swatched these there were only 2 that i didn't really get much colour from which i was slightly disappointed about as overall i think its a very lovely palette, perfect for creating a smokey eye for an evening out. 
I somehow managed to misplace the clear plastic sheet that comes inside these palettes so unfortunately cannot list the eyeshadow names but they are swatched in the order they sit in the palette so you get the general idea of whats what.
I picked this palette up in my local Superdrug, luckily i managed to get the last one, but something ive been noticing lately in a few different Superdrug stores across most of the make up stands is that they never seem to have certain things in stock with sleek being one of the worst stocked which is very frustrating, but all of sleeks products can be purchased on their website

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