Thursday, 3 January 2013

Television Adaptation Make-up.

As part of our Television Make-up assessment, in our own time we had to take what we had learnt from the basic television make up and create a television adaptation make up which would be more suitable for use on programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing or X-factor. For this make up we had to find our own model and also had to take into consideration the models hair and outfit ensuring its suitable for the type of show it would be used on. 
When doing my research for this make up i noticed that a lot of the women i looked at from these types of shows either had more on the eyes and less on the lips or the other way around so i thought it would be wise to carry on with this general rule.
I kept the base the same, warming the face with the foundation and using concealer to hide any blemishes or imperfections. For the eyes i added slightly darker colours than the basic tv make up, making the smokey eye darker and sexier adding a slight pinky toned eyeshadow to help enhance the green of my models eyes, i also added thicker eyeliner and a pair of false eyelashes. 
I used a matter bronzer to slightly add more warmth and contour my models face then added a pinky toned blusher to the cheeks to give a natural looking flush of colour then added a slightly darker than natural pink and plum lipstick.

Overall i am happy with the way this turned out and felt confident when doing this make up i think the only issue i had was not wanting to over do it and make it too dramatic so i maybe played it a little too safe with the make up and the costume, this is where i feel tutor feedback would have been helpful but sometimes in life you just have to trust your own ability and believe in yourself.

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