Saturday, 13 April 2013

Ageing Make Up For Theatre.

As part of the build up to our special effects practical assessment we had to do ageing make up that would be suitable for use in theatre. We were given diagrams with a rough step by step guide on what to do and pretty much left to our own devises. Below are the images of the finished make up.
I started by applying a foundation a few shades lighter than my models skin tone to drain the colour from her face causing her to look much paler. Taking my grease paints and paint brushes i used a darker brown colour to mark out the shadowed areas and lines on the face, ensuring these ares are well defined.
I found the best way to get this definition and depth to the lines was to follow along with the natural lines of the face and by getting her to pull different faces to create lines and just roughly draw them in.

The next step was to highlight in between all these shaded ares using a lighter colour then once i had done that i moved onto my blending, the one feel i struggle with the most when doing theatre make up is trying not to over blend it all which is what i did at first  so i had to go back over the dark lines to bring back the definition.

I found when doing this make up it helped me more to keep standing at a distance to see how it looks as up close it looks very heavy and over the top where as from a distance you get the full effect as you would in a theatre, its important that it is heavier so it can be seen from a distance, it doesn't have to be completely flawless as nobody is close enough to see the small details. It was a lot of fun doing this make up and styling each other to look like old women but it was strange seeing myself look so old. 

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