Monday, 15 April 2013

Ancient Greece Head Piece.

As part of my Ancient Greece theatre assessment i wanted some form of head piece that were commonly worn by women in ancient Greece. Traditionally it would've been something gold but i had no luck finding anything suitable for use in a theatre or anything i actually liked.
In some of my research images for Ancient Greek women i found an image of young girls wearing floral inspired headpieces, it was a more modern take on a traditional look but still very beautiful. I searched high and low for something reasonably priced and suitable for my make up look but didnt seem to come across anything suitable, This is when i decided that if i cant find what i want that the next best option is to make one.

I went along to a haberdashery after college one day and picked up some small yellow, pink and white flowers with very handy wire stems which are shown above.

I managed to find a lovely headband from claire's accessories to use as a base for my flowers which i then weaved between the two pieces of metal on the headband which can be shown above, i alternated between the three different colours of flowers and tried as best as i could to keep it looking that little bit more handmade and original rather than something i had just purchased like that.

Above is the finished headband which i absolutely love and i feel it served its purpose of finishing off the wig, i added it on after the wig had been applied to my models head as i didnt want to ruin the style i had set the wig in or risk damaging the headband in the process of fitting the wig onto my model.
 One of my tutors did agree with this being a much more practical and suitable head piece for use in theatre as it does have an impact and is visible from a distance where as something most probably wouldnt be seen and would be a bit of a waste.

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  1. This head piece is beautiful, you did a great job!