Friday, 12 April 2013

Bradford College Open Day Work Experience.

The head of our department at my college asked a few of us to go along to Bradford College open day to do a few demonstrations and speak to potential applicants about the course. It was on from 4 till 8 and there was three of and my niece that went a long to it.
They brought us up some tables and chairs as we didn't actually have an allocated space and we got set up ready for people to arrive
The image above shows Lily practicing some make up on Eve and the image below is some face painting i did on my niece.
I took along some of my lovely bright illamasqua eyeshadows so once Lily had finished with Eve i used her as my model and below is what i came up with, i didnt have an exact idea of what i wanted to do it was just a go with the flow of it look.

 Unfortunately as we were sat upstairs not many people came our way and n the 3 hours we were there we had two people come and ask us about the course but it was good being able to give other people an insight into the course and to let them know first hand just what its like.

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