Monday, 15 April 2013

First Year Reflection.

The end of the first year is only a few weeks away and i find myself asking where on earth has the time gone! It feels like it has just flown by faster than ever and now i am sitting down to write a post like this do i really stop to think about how much we have actually done, im not quite sure how i have managed to fit it all in but i learnt and i am still learning an incredible amount and hope to continue doing so in my second year. Rather than doing one big evaluation or reflection i will break it down subject at a time as there is a lot to talk about.

Media Make Up...
Make up is something that has been my passion for many years so this was the one area i can easily say was most looking forward too and although i felt i had a lot of knowledge in the subject area i started with an open mind ready to learn, adapt and build on the knowledge i had and i found that kind of attitude helped me a lot. Starting right from the basics of skin care and foundation which is something that can be adapted to any kind of make up in the industry, we then moved onto make up which would be suitable for the television and the theatre, there are great differences between the two and would say i struggled more with the theatre than television make up as the one thing i love to do when applying make up is to flawlessly blend everything and i had to learn a whole different style of application for this but feel this is something i could take away and adapt any which way necessary when working in the industry. The colour theory fashion assessment was definitely the most fun and the most creative i have ever been when designing any make up look, it gave me a better understanding of colour theory and how it can so easily be incorporated into make up. The second semester so far has been another great learning experience. We are covering period make up and since doing the research necessary to back up the work i have gained a greater knowledge into different periods and what type of hair/make up/clothing were used and available and can now look at an image and know which periods have influenced it the most. I am really looking forward to the fashion assessment as once again we can have a lot more fun and get very creative with it.

Special Effects...
Before starting this course i had never done any special effects work before so i was very excited to start it and try my hand at something completely different, once we got stuck into it i found myself really enjoying. The trickiest part for me was having to really think about the wound placement and how realistic it was which is something i really researched into for my practical assessment in the first semester where we had to create an accident that could take place in the work shop, i chose to do an iron burn but after feedback from my first practice i was told to consider different pressure points which really made me realise the technicalities of it all but its these details that really add to a more realistic piece of work. ive found that the second semester hasn't gone as well as the first did due to personal reasons and me having some time off causing me to miss a few lessons but i have been trying my best to catch up on what i have missed and am working towards my character design for my practical assessment in a couple of weeks.

I wouldn't consider myself to be an incredibly academic person so its no secret i wasn't looking forward to doing PDP but i knew it had to be done as part of the course. Being a known weakness i felt it very important to try my best to take away as much information as possible with me which in the end i found very useful particularly when planning and writing my essays, filling in things in my inspiration book and my pdp folder. As earlier mentioned due to personal reasons i had some time off so felt like i was behind in pdp but with regular tutorials i am making sure i am keeping track of everything and that i am fully up to date with it all. Although it isnt the most exciting part of the course i definitely appreciate doing it as i feel its been a great benefit in helping me to target and identify my weaker and stronger points leading me to working on what is the most important and making improvements where necessary . 

Work Based Learning...
Before starting the course i wasnt aware that we would be required to set up our own blog but i was very happy when i found out we were, if theres one thing i feel confident doing its blogging after having my own make up related blog for a few years. I was disappointed that i couldn't continue using my own blog but as its something i enjoy i thought id just get on with it and try my best but i just could not get a long with wordpress at all, it seemed so much easier for everyone else to use but as i was so used to using something different it just wasnt working out and resulted in me being put off doing blog posts so my lovely tutor lisa said that it would be okay for me to create a blog on blogger as long as it was a brand new one and not continuing from my own. Since then i have found it so much more easier and enjoyable to do and im now back doing what i love. Sometimes i dont prioritise my blog the way i should and it can sometimes get left but i do try my best to keep up with it as best as i possibly can 

The last for months for me have been a great personal struggle and after christmas i couldn't see myself making it this far but as tough as this first year has been for me personally i feel i have learnt a lot from it, not just from the individual subject areas but also about myself, it has really helped me to figure out the very basics of where i would like my career to go and hopefully once i progress onto the second year of this course it will continue to help me to develop as an individual and a  make up artist and get me really looking at the bigger picture of where i would like to be in the future.

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