Friday, 12 April 2013

Heated Rollers.

Another part of our assessments in semester two is that we have to do two basic sets, one with heated rollers and one with hot sticks (the thin bendy things for those who dont know what im talking about).
For me hair is one of those things im not overly confident with and only in the last couple of years i have started to experiment with very basic styles on my own hair so i was a good mix between excited and nervous when i heard this is what we would be doing as part of our work.

I was off college for a short while when the hair demonstrations were done in class so for me this was a but of watch and learn as i go along and get as much advice as possible from my brilliant classmates. As we get assessed on the setting and the styling for the hair i initially wanted to make sure i could get to grips with the setting part so i grabbed myself a head and some rollers and i was away.

I split the hair into 6 sections this makes it easier to work with when sectioning it for the rollers rather than having hair allover the place. Starting at the front and working towards the back with the smaller rollers being around the front sections and the bigger ones at the back. I secured each roller in place with a clip as shown in the images, you can also use U pins to hold them in place but those are all that were available to me at the time.

I left the rollers in until they had cooled down then took them out gently so i didn't mess up the hair too much. Like i mentioned earlier this for me was more about the setting than the hair style so i went for a Marilyn Monroe style loose curl as i was running short on time.
It is fast becoming more and more common for make up artists to need basic hair styling skills for whatever job it is they may be doing so learning how to do a basic set is a good starting point for many different hair styles and that kind of knowledge could make that bit of difference between wether you get a particular job or not.

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