Monday, 15 April 2013

Period Make Up For Theatre - Ancient Greece.

The time came for me to do one of my first assessments for my second semester and i started with my Theatre make up and the period i chose to do was Ancient Greece. I honestly didn't feel overly prepared for this assessment but due to the time available to me i decided it would be best to jus knuckle down and try to do my very best and the images below are of my final make up look. 

At this point i didnt feel confident enough to do a bacis set on my models hair so i decided i would use a wig, i spent a long time looking around for one online then finally found one on amazon for around £6.99 which is a great price but as it is only made from cheap synthetic hair i did have some issues with it shedding a lot of hair when it came to dressing the wig a few days before my assessment.
The main issue i had to overcome was the costume, it was a little last minute and as i wasn't able to spend a lot of money on a costume i decided to create one using a bed sheet, i cut arm holes into it and wrapped it around my model securing it in place with a few safety pins and the big gold belt i borrowed from another student.

I personally was very happy with my final look but when i went to get feedback from my tutor  she explained that as i had used a lot of shimmer on the face it took away from the definition created by the shading, another issue was that the placement of the shading under her cheekbones was just a little too low so didnt have the desired effect. She also suggested i shouldve added the extra white line under the eyes do define them and make them stand out more from a distance. I think the feedback i got was a little  bit of a confidence knock but it definitely gave me a better insight into adapting theatre make up for a certain look. 

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