Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Period Make up - Theatre Assessment practice.

One of our four assessments for semester two is to create a make up from a period in history which would be suitable for use in theatre. 
The historical period I have chosen to do for my first assessment is ancient Greece.
This was my first lesson back after having some time off so knew nothing about these assessments but thankfully had some of the research i had done over the christmas holidays with me so as i had a little bit of something to refer to i decided to just get stuck into my first practice of this make up while i had a model to work on.

Using what i had learnt from the theatre make up we did in the first assessment i applied the foundation, shading and highlighting to my model which gave me the base i needed for the rest of the make up. The  make up worn by the women of Ancient Greece was very natural and minimal so i tried to incorporate this into my make up while still keeping it suitable for theatre but i still didn't manage to get the eyeshadow quite dark enough for theatre as from a distance it wasn't very visible. Something i will definitely have to remember for my actual assessment. 

I felt i did struggle with this practice as i wasn't as well prepared as i could've been for it, i wasn't sure how historically correct it had to be when being for theatre make up as it has to have a heavier application. Once i had done as much as i felt i could on my model just to grasp the basics of what i was doing i asked my tutor to give me me some feedback, she suggested i used more bronze/gold tones on the face to help warm it up and use similar colours as a blush on the cheeks rather than the pink tint i had used. Also when doing my final assessment i need to add eyeliner and false lashes to help with the definition of the eyes.

I wasn't quite sure how i wanted to do the hair for this assessment at this point, the women of ancient Greece had very natural loose flowing curls so i decided to try a set with some hot sticks just to get a feel of how to use them and to see what kind of result i would get and although i didn't actually properly style my models hair it improved my confidence in that area and left me with more ideas to work with 

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