Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ballet Themed Photoshoot.

This first semester we have to complete a minimum of two work experiences. I Was starting to feel a tad frustrated at my inability to initially find any to do when i noticed a couple of advertisements for a make up artist from photography students pinned to the noticed board.

I decided to give the first one a call... the shoot would be taking place on a thursday afternoon and the make up was for a ballet themed photo shoot which would require fairly simple make up and basic hair styling on a model with blonde hair.
 Feeling fairly confident about this I purchased a few extra items for my kit such as blonde hair pins and a bun ring and arrived in good time to set up my work space to get the model ready. 

Upon arrival the photographer explained that she was no longer using the model she had originally planned to use and was using a different girl instead.
I started by doing The models hair first, the photographer asked me to put it up in a bun, hence why i purchase a blonde bun ring, but the new model had shorter pink hair which did made the task of putting the hair into a bun slightly more challenging but i just had to put more thought into the placement of the bun ring and i had to ensure it was all securely pinned in place so none of the shorter strands of hair came loose.

When doing the make up i went for a more natural lighter hand approach when applying it. I used a full coverage foundation to create a flawless base. I sculpted the face with contour powder and highlight then lightly applied a natural owner blusher to the cheek bones. I used neutral eyeshadows to really enhance the models eyes and finished off with some winged eyeliner in a design requested by the photographer. 

Overall i felt incredibly pleased once i had completed this make up, it gave me a confidence boost i really needed with networking as its definitely something i need to work on. I also managed to get myself some more work experience with the model i worked on who is also a photography student!! 

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