Friday, 31 January 2014

Burlesque Inspired Photo shoot.

As mentioned in my previous work experience post, the ballet inspire photoshoot, the model I did make up on was also a photography student asked me if I would do some make up for her work a week later. 

Proof how important it is to make a good impression when doing any kind of work. 

The photographer told me that there would be three models for the photo shoot so I arranged to come abit earlier to have the models ready on time. She also said she had some images of what she wanted the models to look like which she would show me on the day but just to ensure i was taking exactly what i needed in my kit i did some of my own research before hand looking at various images and some tutorials on creating burlesque style make up.  I always feels its best to be well prepared for any work i am doing eliminating chances for anything to go wrong.

Upon my arrival the photographer showed me the research she had done, she had collected images which were very similar to the images i had looked at which were all sultry smokey eyes in the typical burlesque style.  On the first model i did winged eyeliner with a dark red lip and the other two models both had heavy black smokey eyes with a brighter red lip. The photographer suggested that the models decided what they wanted their make up to look like based on her research as she wanted them to feel comfortable in it. I was happy to go along with this adding my input where i felt necessary.

Once again i feel this work experience really helped to boost my confidence when working with new people, working with photographers and working to time deadlines.  Being in the studio environment on this course i find i am often practising make up on friends who are also on the same course as me, its an environment i am dry comfortable with and if theres ever something i am unsure of they are always there to offer advice or giving me instant feedback. As much as i find this helpful its something i can also class as a flaw as i need to have more confidence in my own abilities to successfully complete a make up look to the best of my abilities without having to check if it is alright as once i am out working in the industry this will not be the case and i will only have myself to rely on. 

It is important for me to really push myself and to step outside of my comfort zones when it comes to doing future work like this.

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