Friday, 31 January 2014

Face Casting Part Two.

The next step of the face casting process was to make a plaster base for my plaster face cast to sit into ready for me to sculpt onto.  
I started by placing my face cast onto a wooden board and drawing a wider circle around it to mark out where i would be placing the clay walls. The next step was to place the clay wall onto the board and smooth down the edges and where the two sections meet to avoid andy leaks when the plaster is applied. To ensure the clay is properly secure i added a couple of layers of mod roc around the outside to hold it all in place and left it to set. 

Before i could add the plaster face cast to the plaster base i had to sit the face cast into a bowl of water, this is so the face cast does not crack when i sit it into the plaster base.
To avoid the plaster sticking to a wooden board i applied a layer of vaseline to it first. 

After mixing up the plaster i applied the first layer to the base. To add some extra strength to the plaster base i added a layer of skrim, pushing it into the base later followed by another layer of plaster. I repeated this step with another layer of skrim until the base was around half way full. 
I then gently sat the plaster face cast into the plaster base and allowed the plaster to set for a few minutes. 

To finish off the base i added another layer of plaster to it then filled in the gaps at the top and bottom of the plaster face with whatever plaster was left over then left it all to set for around half an hour to 45 minutes. 

Once the plaster base had completely set i removed the clay & mod roc walls from the edges and using chisels and files i smoothed down any rough edges on the plaster face. Four key holes were also drilled in around the edges of the base to act as a guide for the top mould. 

To set the plaster and to avoid the plaster absorbing any moisture from any products applied onto of it i applied several layers of  shellac plaster sealer using a paint brush.  I slowly built it up layer by layer until it started to dry with a shine. The plaster base was then ready for me to sculpt onto. 

As the weeks go on i am enjoying the special effects lessons more and more, i feel like we are covering a whole lot more than we have ever done in such a short space of time and i am learning valuable skills which can prove valuable if i were to continue down the route of a special effects artist.

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