Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hair knotting.

As part of teh first task we have to knot a moustache of our choice which will then be applied to a models face. Knotting is a technique i knew nothing what so ever about, i knew it was possible to get hand made wigs but that was as far my knowledge went so when we had a lecture on what it all entailed i was left feeling a little overwhelmed by it all as it all looked so incredibly technical.

We started off by learning how to make a basic pattern to fit an individual face using cling film and Sellotape which is shown in the image above.

we were each given a board, netting, a knotting hook and some hair to practice knotting before moving on to do the actual moustache for our assessment. 

From the images you can see just how small scale it all is. I have no shame in admitting i found the whole process incredibly tedious and frustrating when first trying to get the hang of it, id pull the knot too tight and snap the hair or just not create the knot at all and have to start allover again. As with any new skill i found the more i practiced the easier it became until i felt confident enough to move onto my actual moustache that i would be creating for my assessment.

This is a skill i can definitely say i appreciate a lot more now i know the amount of time, effort and hard work that goes into it. I feel it has given me a better understanding of costings and why people who do this charge what they do when working in the industry. 

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