Friday, 31 January 2014

Task 2 - First Practice.

For task 2 I have to use postiche to enhance the natural hair, with a realistic finish. This could be anything from special occasion through to editorial, as long as the postiche used matches the models own hair colour. 

For this task the look i have decided to create is an asian bridal look which will include the hair, make up and costume suitable to the style. When it comes to hair styling its not something i can say i feel overly confident doing so i wanted to practice this section of task two the most so i could get it just right for my assessment. 

Luckily i had my actual model there to practice on but as i wasn't too sure on what exact style i was doing i wanted to practice simply securing a ponytail piece into the hair and creating a basic style to work with. 
I back combed the top of her hair into a bouffant before trying to add some pin curls to the hair to hide the ponytail piece. This didn't turn out quite as nice as i had expected so i decided to scrap that idea. 

With some much needed help from my model, i kept the bouffant in the top of the hair also adding part of her fringe into it.  Next instead of the pin curls i used some of my models own hair clips to secure the hair in place and swept the rest of it to one side ready to be styled. 

Before choosing what style i would be going with i decided it would be best for me to do some more research into what exactly i wanted to do then find a suitable ponytail piece and accessories, but this practice session has boosted my confidence a little when it comes to hair styling and what i want to do for this task.

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