Friday, 31 January 2014

Task 2 - Make-up Practice.

After going away and doing some much needed research into asian bridal hair and make up, and having found an appropriate outfit for this look i had a strong idea of how exactly i wanted to do the make up. 
Glitter is something i used to use a lot of when i first got into using make-up and i loved it, but as I've got older Ive just found it messy so i stopped using it altogether. Even though its something I'm not a big fan of i really wanted a big dramatic stand out eye for this make up, Asian brides are always more made up, glamorous and dramatic in comparison to english brides and i really wanted to portray this.

I looked around online for various ways to apply glitter to the eyelid and one method i found which was using products i had in my kit was with eyelash glue, i though rather than leave this to chance on assessment day i would practice before hand and the images above show the results of this.
Im not sure exactly what i did wrong here but it caused the glitter to look incredibly caked onto the eyelid and it was impossible to blend the edges of it once it was set.

The only plus side to this technique is that once it has set and if its lifted correctly then the glitter and glue will pull off all in one piece leaving very little mess to clear up afterwards.

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