Friday, 31 January 2014

Task 2 - Second Hair Practice.

I wanted to get in one last practice of the hair for task 2 before my actual assessment. This time i was actually prepared with extra hair and accessories at the ready!! I decided to keep the bouffant at the top of the head bringing the hair down to the side into a fishtail plait, something i personally love and find to be very simple  yet effective when done correctly.

To help give the bouffant that extra bit of lift that i couldn't get through just backcombing i purchased some cheap black jumbo braid from a hair shop and used this underneath my models own hair which really gave it the boost i wanted.
Once i had that secured in place i added a big silver/diamante hair pin at the back of the head to help secure it and to add some extra detail to the whole look.

The trickiest part for me was figuring out exactly how to secure the ponytail piece in with my models own hair but with a bit of help from my tutor she explained how i needed to create a small anchor point and then pin it in place. With that safely secure i created my fish tail plait. If i were to do this again i would maybe opt for a shorter piece of hair as this really did take some time to fully plait but the results were well worth it!!

To add that little bit of extra detail to the hair i seen on another hair tutorial a lady who added beads to hair pins and put those into the hair....whilst out shopping for some appropriate beads i came across some lovely little silver bells so i decided to go for those instead!! Attached to to U-pins and inserted into the full length of both sides of the plait and on the back of the hair i really feel they add that little something extra to the whole look.

Now i have had this extra practice before my assessment i feel incredibly confident about doing the real thing ... i definitely need to make time to get in as many practice sessions as i can before future assessments to avoid unnecessary nerves and stress!!

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