Friday, 31 January 2014

Task One -Facial Hair.

As part of task one we had to research fashions in facial hair throughout the 20th Century. By doing this i felt it gave me a greater insight and knowledge of different styles of facial hair, what was popular in different eras and how the fashions have changed throughout out time. When It came time to create the pattern for making my own moustache i opted for a fairly simple Broom style moustache. This didn't have to be related to a specific time era but a character breakdown was needed  for the assessment.

The image above shows my finished moustache ready to be styled and trimmed.
Once i had made my pattern i cut this out of white card and stuck it to the board before placing the netting over the top, i did this as i was using brown hair for the moustache and it would make it easier for me to see where i had knotted already.
As i had made the pattern fairly deep and didn't want to make the moustache too thick, I kept it to  one single hair per knot and just knotted every other loop. It took me two and a half days of very dedicated knotting to complete, at times i found it very difficult focussing on the netting as it was so small but managed to continue on getting it finished in good time for my assessment.

The character i created was a stereotypical office computer geek, more interested in his job and computer than having a social life...Think Dwight Schrute with a moustache.

Before applying the moustache to my model i lightly applied some foundation to his face as he had been on the sun beds the previous day he had a lot of redness. After powdering i applied spirit gum to his face where i was applying the moustache and allowed it to go tacky. Unfortunately i made the mistake of applying too much glue which caused it to seep through the netting and stick the hair together, and after all that it still wouldn't completely stick to his face. 

To complete the look i chose a shirt and badly matching tie, a side parted rather unattractive hairstyle and my dads glasses. All fairly simple but i feel all put together it looked rather effective.
When receiving feedback from my tutor the first thing she noticed was the amount of glue on the moustache, i explained to her step by step what i had done then she explain to me where i had gone wrong and what i should've done instead. Thankfully she was more positive about the over look i had created and my knotting skills which gave me a real boost.

Overall i have really enjoyed this task and learning something completely new, as overwhelmed as i initially felt by the thought of having to knot an actual moustache i found myself really getting into it, when i found a good rhythm with my knotting i got stuck into it and was finished in good time. Hair knotting is definitely something i could see myself doing more of in the future when going to work in the industry. It is a time consuming and something i personally find quite rewarding when it all comes together.

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