Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday Club Work Experience

Its the start of the second semester and I'm already getting stuck into some very interesting work experience!! I put my name down for this at some point in the beginning of december and it completely slipped my mind until i got an email reminding me about it a few weeks ago!! 

"The National Art&Design Saturday Club gives young people aged 14–16 the unique opportunity to study art and design every Saturday morning at their local art and design college or university for free."

This is something that takes places at many colleges up and down the country and at my college it is running for 15 weeks and gives young people such a brilliant opportunity to get involved in something new and exciting. I really wish something like this had been available when i was younger but its still great to be part of it as a student ambassador. 

To read more about the saturday club you can view the website by clicking HERE

We are now 3 weeks into classes and i am really enjoying it, the young people attending are so very talented and its great to see them just having fun with it all and seeing them produce some great pieces of work. 

I have contributed different ideas for things that we can do every week along with other students from my class, it is great to have a creative input into what is actually going on and its something i really look forward to all week long!! 

Task 3 Final Assessment.

Here are the images of my final look for task three which was based on Gluttony. I am so happy with how great it looks thanks to the brilliant photography skills of Martin Beaumont and my lovely model  Claire. 

whenever i have a big assessment like this that i have put so much effort into i always find myself getting nervous before hand as i want everything to be just perfect, doing this task it was important for me to know when to just stop and but down my brushes before i over-do the whole thing and ruin it....i need to have more confidence in my abilities as a make up artist because i can do it. This goes for anything in life though as long as you prepare yourself for whatever may happen. 
The best part about this for me was finally seeing it all come together, the finished look and being able to say i did that!!

Special Effects Prosthetics Assessment.

Here are the images of my final look created for my special effects assessment using my prosthetic piece. I have had such fun working with the talented Martin Hanson from Madame Tussaud's and i feel like i have learnt so many valuable skills that will help me in my future career as a make up artist. It has helped me too explore a new area of the industry i never would've done if i hadn't started this course and i am incredibly pleased with the final images. 
To complete the look i used s cheap grey witch wig i picked up around halloween and wore my own really big grey hooded cardigan.

The major down side to this was that i really struggles to get the prosthetic nose to stick to my own nose, even when using pros aid it would not stay stuck down and f i did not have the eyebrow section on my prosthetic piece it wouldn't of stuck at all making it very unpractical for anything other than photography. If i were to re do this piece i would make the nose a lot smaller to avoid this happening again.
I received very positive feedback and martin was pleased with how well i had managed to conceal the edges of my piece with the greasepaints as this was a big concern for me but thankfully it all turned out okay in the end :D 

Task 3 Preparation.

For task 3 I have to design and use creative postiche or creative hair techniques suitable for performance(theatre) to enhance/show a particular character. The character or theme i chose to base my work on was... Gluttony. 
Just not Gluttony in the typical way it is most commonly portrayed, such as excessive eating. 

After doing a lot of research into it i wanted to focus on personal image and how in todays society, many women in particular are excessive with their personal image, never happy with the way they look and are always striving for perfection through the use of cosmetic surgery and other various beauty treatments. 

Once i had done all my research i knew exactly what i wanted my creative hair piece to look like...the trick was creating it. 

The general idea was the bigger the better!!
I started off with just a blonde wig stitched onto a buckram base for extra support. Then using 3 packs of jumbo braid hair, all in different shades of blonde, i cut the strips in half then randomly pinned the secretions allover the wig until it was all used up. I then added a lot of dry shampoo and hairspray and left it to set for a while before i started to back comb the hair using my hands, section by section till it was the size i wanted it to be. To finish off i added some rollers at the front of the hair to give the effect that she is never ready.  

Silicone Colouring And Hair Punching.

In this lesson we had the lovely Sue Day from Madame Tussaud's teaching us about colouring and hair punching! Its always fun to have somebody new in teaching us, especially someone with as much industry experience as Sue, it was a very enjoyable lesson and we got through quite a lot in a short space of time . 

We started by practicing assign colour to a smaller silicone piece using oil paints mixed with silicone, This was just so we could get the hang of doing it before moving onto the real thing. 

Once i felt i knew what i was doing i moved onto painting one of my silicone pieces, as i had made two of these i used the thicker more pink piece to practice my colouring on, i went for a dirty grubby effect with the skin. Originally i was going to just paint on some eyebrows but i knew this wouldn't look as good as actually punching the hair into the silicone so to get the effect i wanted i cut up some cheap old paint brushes and used the bristles for eyebrow hairs instead... this caused them to look really crazy and wiry. An effect i would not have got using real human hair as it is much softer. 

I really enjoyed having Sue Day in teaching us and it was a shame it was only for one lesson, she went on to show us a portfolio of her work and answered any questions we asked and it really gave us an extra insight into the special effects industry as there was work she had done that would never have crossed my mind before. It really has given me a lot more to think about when it comes to my future career. 

Face Casting Part 4.

Now i have both the base cast and the top mould, the next step of the process is to mix up the silicone and apply this to top mould before clamping the base cast onto to make my prosthetic piece for my final  assessment. 

 To ensure the top mould is on a level surface i balanced it on an upturned stool then mixed up the silicone and added silicone pigment to give the silicone a flesh like tone. 

 When it came time to pour the silicone into the mould it didn't stay balanced on the stool for long so i had to place the mould inside a plastic bowl then poured in the silicone ensuring i had all the sculpted areas covered before applying the base... to hold both halves together while the silicone set i used two clamps and left it to one side, some excess silicone was also applied onto of the mould as a guide to when it would be set. 

Once the silicone had set i removed the clamps and gently prized both halves apart to reveal my finished silicone prosthetic piece. As this piece turned out quite pinky toned and thicker than what i wanted it to be a few of us mixed up another batch of silicone, making it a little less pink and adding some beige flocking into the mix which made the silicone even more skin toned. 
Now i have my prosthetic piece the next step is to add colour, punch some hair and to trim it ready for application. 

Task 2.

Here are some of the Final images of the completed look from task 2...

Overall i am I'm credibly happy with the way this all turned out and with the images, i feel that they will work well in my portfolio when it comes to future work as this is an area of the industry which i am interested in working in the future. I was very happy with the feedback i received from my tutor and the only thing she recommended i adjust slightly was to add a darker shade of blusher between the blush and the contour to add more depth to the blusher which i did feel helped a lot. This was a task i was feeling rather nervous about but since completing it i am definitely more confident about doing this sort of task in the future!!