Saturday, 1 February 2014

Face Casting Part 4.

Now i have both the base cast and the top mould, the next step of the process is to mix up the silicone and apply this to top mould before clamping the base cast onto to make my prosthetic piece for my final  assessment. 

 To ensure the top mould is on a level surface i balanced it on an upturned stool then mixed up the silicone and added silicone pigment to give the silicone a flesh like tone. 

 When it came time to pour the silicone into the mould it didn't stay balanced on the stool for long so i had to place the mould inside a plastic bowl then poured in the silicone ensuring i had all the sculpted areas covered before applying the base... to hold both halves together while the silicone set i used two clamps and left it to one side, some excess silicone was also applied onto of the mould as a guide to when it would be set. 

Once the silicone had set i removed the clamps and gently prized both halves apart to reveal my finished silicone prosthetic piece. As this piece turned out quite pinky toned and thicker than what i wanted it to be a few of us mixed up another batch of silicone, making it a little less pink and adding some beige flocking into the mix which made the silicone even more skin toned. 
Now i have my prosthetic piece the next step is to add colour, punch some hair and to trim it ready for application. 

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