Saturday, 1 February 2014

Silicone Colouring And Hair Punching.

In this lesson we had the lovely Sue Day from Madame Tussaud's teaching us about colouring and hair punching! Its always fun to have somebody new in teaching us, especially someone with as much industry experience as Sue, it was a very enjoyable lesson and we got through quite a lot in a short space of time . 

We started by practicing assign colour to a smaller silicone piece using oil paints mixed with silicone, This was just so we could get the hang of doing it before moving onto the real thing. 

Once i felt i knew what i was doing i moved onto painting one of my silicone pieces, as i had made two of these i used the thicker more pink piece to practice my colouring on, i went for a dirty grubby effect with the skin. Originally i was going to just paint on some eyebrows but i knew this wouldn't look as good as actually punching the hair into the silicone so to get the effect i wanted i cut up some cheap old paint brushes and used the bristles for eyebrow hairs instead... this caused them to look really crazy and wiry. An effect i would not have got using real human hair as it is much softer. 

I really enjoyed having Sue Day in teaching us and it was a shame it was only for one lesson, she went on to show us a portfolio of her work and answered any questions we asked and it really gave us an extra insight into the special effects industry as there was work she had done that would never have crossed my mind before. It really has given me a lot more to think about when it comes to my future career. 

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