Saturday, 1 February 2014

Task 3 Final Assessment.

Here are the images of my final look for task three which was based on Gluttony. I am so happy with how great it looks thanks to the brilliant photography skills of Martin Beaumont and my lovely model  Claire. 

whenever i have a big assessment like this that i have put so much effort into i always find myself getting nervous before hand as i want everything to be just perfect, doing this task it was important for me to know when to just stop and but down my brushes before i over-do the whole thing and ruin it....i need to have more confidence in my abilities as a make up artist because i can do it. This goes for anything in life though as long as you prepare yourself for whatever may happen. 
The best part about this for me was finally seeing it all come together, the finished look and being able to say i did that!!

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