Saturday, 1 February 2014

Task 3 Preparation.

For task 3 I have to design and use creative postiche or creative hair techniques suitable for performance(theatre) to enhance/show a particular character. The character or theme i chose to base my work on was... Gluttony. 
Just not Gluttony in the typical way it is most commonly portrayed, such as excessive eating. 

After doing a lot of research into it i wanted to focus on personal image and how in todays society, many women in particular are excessive with their personal image, never happy with the way they look and are always striving for perfection through the use of cosmetic surgery and other various beauty treatments. 

Once i had done all my research i knew exactly what i wanted my creative hair piece to look like...the trick was creating it. 

The general idea was the bigger the better!!
I started off with just a blonde wig stitched onto a buckram base for extra support. Then using 3 packs of jumbo braid hair, all in different shades of blonde, i cut the strips in half then randomly pinned the secretions allover the wig until it was all used up. I then added a lot of dry shampoo and hairspray and left it to set for a while before i started to back comb the hair using my hands, section by section till it was the size i wanted it to be. To finish off i added some rollers at the front of the hair to give the effect that she is never ready.  

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