Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Creature design practice

In preparation for my creature design assessment i wanted to experiment with a few possible styles i have designed for the face. Ideally my final look will be done on a male model but as this is just a practice i have used a female model instead. 
On the left side of the face i created an intense black eye as my base and used a mix of grease paints, fluid line applied with a cotton but which gave the look different textures and depth.

On the right side of the face i had the same intense black base but drew on a mix of red and black veins using grease paints coming away from the eye. An issue raised by my tutor was that from a distance the veins may not show up and get lost in the whole look. When i stood away from my model i found that this was a problem so it is definitely something i will need to go away and think about.

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