Tuesday, 8 April 2014

ear sculpt

Once I had the cast of my ear i wanted to practise some sculpting that i could potentailly use in my creature design as we have to use at least 2 prosthetic pieces.As part of my research into my creature design i have been looking at werewolves so i decided to try and create a dog shaped ear that could potentially just sit ontop of my models own ear and painted to blend in with the models hair.

I used Plasteline to sculpt the shape ontop of the ear using images of wolves/dogs ears as a guide for the size and shape.
I had to be careful not to make it too big or thick as if i did it would make it difficult for the ear to stand up on it own and it would be more difficult to fill it inside. I then used latex and built it up one layer at a time until i had around 7-8 layers and left to dry before removing from the ear cast. 
If i were to use this method o create a prosthetic piece for my final creature i would need to make a cast of both my models ears so they would fit them perfectly. 

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