Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Evening Make-up

My very beautiful Aunty Elaine recently came up to visit us and was planning to go out for a meal with my parents so I offered to do her make up for her. She told me she had never had snyone do her make up for her so she was absolutely delighted.
This also gave me the opportunity to work on a different skin tone and a slightly maturer skin.
As she already has lovely skin I only used a light layer of foundation to even out the skin tone, followed by warm bronze/gold toned eyeshadows. slight winged eyeliner and a lovely pair of natural false eyelashes.
She was insistant thats she chose her lipstick colour which was a mix of a lighter and darker shades of red.
She was overjoyed with the final result and it was lovely to see how happy I made her feel.

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