Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Floral Inspired Photo shoot.

For this portfolio image i wanted to create a very soft look which i feel is a much needed contrast in comparison to some of my other portfolio images. After looking into images of floral themed photo shoots i decided that the way i wanted to do this was to pick a flower and incorporate the colours from the flowers into my make up look.
Below is a quick image I took before having pictures taken by the photographer. The photographer we chose to work with on this particular day was Emily Bailey.
Due to me being on a very tight budget for all 5 of my portfolio images I was unable to use fresh flowers for this photo shoot like ininitally wanted to. The next alternative was to use silk flowers but I couldn't find any appropriate for what I wanted. Luckily we had these fairly lights lying around at home and I feel they are very effective.
I discussed the issue of the visible wires with the photographer and she said she will be able to edit these out of the final images which I cannot wait to see!


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