Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Make up trial.

Whilst in college a lady came into our class asking for a make up artist to do her make up for a photo shoot she was organising. I offered to do her make up for her as a different mix of skin tones is something i need more of in my portfolio.

As i haven't had a great deal of experience working with many different skin tones i asked the model if it was okay for me to do a trial before the shoot just so i could be prepared for the actual shoot and to get a better idea of the kind of make up she wanted to have.

She told me that she very rarely wears make up and wasn't sure quite what she wanted so i decided to go for something very natural and quite soft using colours that complemented her eyes and skin tone. 

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control the photo shoot didn't happen so i unfortunately don't have any final images that i can use in my portfolio but i still feel that this was a beneficial task.

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