Sunday, 25 January 2015

100% Pure Coconut oil.

One thing I LOVE is my hair, i have an awful lot of it and I take as much care of it as i possibly can. 

Something I like to do every 3-4 weeks depending on the condition its in is oil my hair, a few years ago the thought of doing something like this would've been a complete no for me but now I love it and have been doing it for the last 2-3 years on and off. I have tried a variety of different oils olive, almond, argan and coconut and i can't say one particularly stood out to me over the others as they all had similar good results. 
A tip i read on a blog somewhere (can't remember which one) recommended that if you dont want to apply the oil to your hair on its own then try mixing with conditioner. I do this with a 50/50 mix and find it does wash out my hair a lot easier than oil on its own. I think its just a case of figuring out which way you prefer but it is definitely something i recommend to everyone when they ask about my hair.

As I woke up far too early for a Sunday morning i decided that today I would try out my new 100% pure coconut oil which i purchased from Morrisons and it was around a very reasonable £2 price mark for a 500ml jar! 

In appearance it looks very much like candle wax and when I brought it home my mothers face was a little confused as on the jar it reads 
"A versatile flavourless cooking oil, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Contains no hydrogenated fat" 
I can assure you it was in the hair care section but just because something isn't specifically labelled for a particular job it doesn't mean it can't be used for that area. Ive found its also working wonders on my hands through all this cold weather!

I scooped out a walnut sized amount, placed it in a small plastic container and left it on top of my radiator to melt which dint take long at all then using my hands I applied it to my scalp/ roots first then massaged in well, i the worked any left over oil into the rest of my hair. A little bit of this does go a long way!

To finish off i have put my hair up into a bun using a big hair clip and i am just going to leave it for as long as possible. I find leaving it in plaits over night generally gives the best results when I've oiled my hair but either way it leaves my hair feeling a lot softer and healthier