About Me.

Hello and welcome to my blog :) 
I am currently in my first year studying FdA Make up artistry and special effects at Bradford college.
I have set up this blog as a way of show casing my work, development and progress while on this course. I also intend on including some extra posts like product reviews and various make up looks non related to the course.

Blogging is something i have done just for fun part time for the last few years, so learning i had to create a whole new blog was slightly disappointing but thats just the way things go sometimes.

To view my original blog you can click the link here http://thoughtsandfoundation.blogspot.co.uk

Just a last note on navigating around my blog to those who are unfamiliar with blogger or want to find something specific.
On the left hand side of my blog there is a 'Labels' Section, to view any specific selection of posts just click on the label of your choice and it will show you all the posts relating to that.
The three main posts relating to my college work are 'Make-up', 'Special Effects' and 'Work Experience'. 

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as i do :) 

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